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Lang Furniture Offers Stylish, Economical Student Housing Furniture

According to a recent survey by College Planning and Management Magazine, today’s college students desire more than just a basic place to sleep and study. Modern residence halls must provide not only beds, but also learning spaces, social and lounge spaces, recreation facilities, dining and cooking spaces, entertainment venues, medical/counselling offices, and more. A residence hall that presents itself as providing what students want is a valuable marketing tool for recruiting and retaining students for a college or university.

Yet at the same time, campus housing directors need to keep an eye on ever-increasing costs. How do they best meet the high expectations of students for stylish, functional facilities, while also paying attention to the bottom line? Likewise, students need to monitor expenses as they increasingly bear higher education costs and take out bigger loans.

Lang’s student housing furniture helps meet these needs

To serve the needs of today’s student housing market, Lang Furniture has developed a line of stylish furniture that is appealing to students and economical to purchase and maintain. Our student housing collections are designed to fit smartly in compact dorm rooms, providing ample space for sleeping, socializing and study. Every collection features convenient under-bed storage, matching wardrobes and matching desks.

Our Badger Collection, for example, offers a modern, functional steel composite powder-coated platform bed in two heights with matching desk. The under-bed storage and wardrobe with recessed hardware offer a contemporary, casual look.

Lang is proud to be a nationally recognized leader in producing and delivering exemplary furniture products. If you are looking for student housing furniture, we’d love to talk with you.

Lang Furniture manufactures quality bedroom furniture for the hospitality industry, home and senior living. All Lang furniture is made in the United States, in the heart of Wisconsin.

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