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Customize Your Hotel Furniture with Lang

For years, the hospitality industry thrived on furniture that was uniform and mass produced. Why? According to, in the 1950s, rising incomes and the  interstate highway system made it possible for millions of Americans to vacation away from home for the first time. To ensure Americans would embrace this new lifestyle choice, industry pioneers knew they had to provide a consistent and affordable experience, regardless of location. To keep costs down, they opted for uniform designs that included guest rooms with mass-produced furniture.

Times have changed – uniqueness is preferred over uniformity

Fast forward to today. The hospitality industry is extremely competitive. Travelers everywhere in the U.S. have more hotels and motels than ever before to choose from, as well as Airbnb and vacation rentals. Rather than a consistent experience, many guests are looking for uniqueness and authenticity. Even budget travelers are favoring lodging options that provide a unique experience.

Custom-designed furniture helps hoteliers create that distinctive environment. To stand apart, many boutique hotels – and even some big chains – are choosing artisan and custom furniture.

Lang Furniture can meet your custom furniture needs

Lang Furniture can help you create the unique, custom hotel furniture look you want. Our hospitality furniture collections come in a wide range of styles, from classic to contemporary. Our finishes include: cherry, maple, walnut, oak and more. We offer a variety of specialty hardware options. Additionally, we can manufacture our furniture with  specific dimensions to perfectly fit your space. Our hospitality furniture is always affordable, durable and stylish. We have provided furniture for many of America’s favorite hospitality brands.

If you are seeking a truly unique look for your hotel or motel rooms to meet the needs of today’s discerning traveler, we’d love to talk with you.

Lang Furniture manufactures quality bedroom furniture for the hospitality industry, home and senior living. All Lang furniture is made in the United States, in the heart of Wisconsin.

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