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Why Buy American Made Hospitality Furniture?

We hear a lot these days about the “goodness” of buying American-made products.  Everyone wants to keep manufacturing jobs in the United States, and furniture is often manufactured overseas. If you are considering where to source your next order of hospitality furniture, you may be surprised to learn that buying from an American manufacturer not only helps U.S. workers, it is also better for your bottom line.

Four great reasons to buy American-made hospitality furniture:

Better communication creates better results
When you buy hotel furniture, selecting the right pieces in the correct sizes for your rooms is paramount to your success. There are a lot of things to consider, including: furniture styles, dimensions, finishes and hardware. An American company is more likely than an offshore manufacturer to have first-hand knowledge of your customers’ needs and preferences. They’ll also be able to talk with you in real-time about your order and may even be able to send someone to visit your hotel in person to help you determine what you need. And, of course, if you hit a snag anywhere along the way, you will more likely get a quick response and resolution from a company located in the U.S.

Higher quality furniture
You want your new furniture to not only look good and fit perfectly in your hotel rooms, you want it to last a long time. Let’s face it. American manufacturing standards are simply higher than those in many other countries. U.S. regulations keep factory workers safer and products free of harmful chemicals. American companies that create shoddy products may find themselves in court, as well as called out in review sites and social media. As a result, your American-made furniture should withstand years of use. In the unlikely event something breaks, like a drawer handle, access to replacement parts will be quicker and easier.

Shorter lead times and lower freight costs
When ordering from a company that manufactures outside the U.S., especially overseas, lead times may be months, rather than weeks. Because a U.S. furniture manufacturer doesn’t have to worry about possible border and customs delays, on-time delivery is less of an issue. Freight charges are higher when furniture is shipped by boat rather than over land, and this will add to your overall costs.

Helping the environment
Many countries have low environmental standards for their manufacturing processes. In the U.S. however, manufacturers must limit their environmental pollutants. By purchasing American made furniture, you are contributing to a cleaner environment for your generation, and the generations to come. 

When you buy American made furniture products, be sure to let your customers know, because they will appreciate it too!

Lang Furniture is always made in the U.S.
Every piece of Lang Furniture is made in America, in the heart of Wisconsin. Our company takes great pride in our exceptional customer service, striving to not only meet, but also exceed expectations. We stand behind the quality of our products. Our hospitality furniture has stood the test of time in many of America’s most well known and beloved hotel chains. Our employees are proud to work for an American company that is dedicated to integrity, respect and excellence.

Lang Furniture manufactures quality bedroom furniture for the hospitality industry, home and senior living. Made in the United States in the heart of Wisconsin.

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