About Lang Furniture

Rich in history…focused on the future.

Lang Furniture is a nationally recognized manufacturer of American made bedroom and storage furniture for home, hospitality and senior living.

Now led by the second generation of the Lang family, Lang Furniture is committed to designing, producing and delivering exemplary products at the best possible price and providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. In the age of relationship-based business, delivering on our promises is of the utmost importance and what sets us apart.

Lang Furniture believes in responsible manufacturing and uses raw materials suppliers who practice sustainable forestry. Medium Density Fiberboard, or MDF, which is at the core of our products, is made from leftover lumber that would otherwise be dumped in a landfill. We work hard to achieve a finished product that is eco-friendly, quality-built and affordable.


Bedroom and storage furniture for the hospitality industry. Available through our network of distributors.

Lang Furniture Senior Living

Bedroom and storage furniture for seniors and assisted living. Available through our network of distributors.

Lang Student Housing Furniture

Lang Furniture manufactures student housing furniture that is functional, durable and appealing.

Old Lang Milk Shed 1965

Old Lang Milk Shed 1965

James, Lyle & Larry Lee Lang

Lyle, Larry & Lee Lang 1969

James Lang 1964

SSgt. James Lang, 1964 Fort Riley, KS

Jim Lang 1969

Jim Lang with early Lang chests, 1970

A small milk shed in central Wisconsin, humble as it was, served as the birthplace of Lang Furniture. James Lang founded our company in 1966, shortly after his return from Vietnam. James began producing small chests with his three young boys: Lyle, Larry and Lee, to provide additional income for the family. The family’s early mornings, late evenings and weekends were spent constructing special order furniture, cabinets and chests for local customers.

More than fifty years later, Lang Furniture has grown into a nationally recognized manufacturer of quality American made bedroom and storage furniture for home, hospitality and senior living. Today, Lyle Lang, the President of Lang Furniture, blends the family-honored traditions of honesty and dependability with innovative designs and product details. His wife, Julie Lang, Creative and Marketing Director, leads the furniture design team, ensuring that Lang Furniture incorporates new materials and styles.

Central Wisconsin is rich in talented and hardworking people, offering a workforce that is second to none. Our employees are proud to work for an American company that is dedicated to integrity, respect and excellence.

As furniture industry trends and our customers’ needs continue to evolve and shift, Lang Furniture has been quick to adapt. Focused on cultivating new relationships and product pathways, our company looks forward to an exciting future with inspiring new product lines, unprecedented industry partnerships, and a firm dedication to conducting business in a principled manner. We invite you to contact us with any questions you may have. We would be delighted to hear from you.