Quality Bedroom Furniture Construction

For over 40 years, Lang Furniture has been making quality bedroom furniture that stands up to the test of time. Made in our own family-owned factory, we hold our products to the highest industry quality standards. Quality control is a very high priority to us, and every aspect of our production process is continually monitored.
When you bring Lang Furniture into your home you know that you’re getting great quality furniture that is also affordable. We start by using high quality raw materials. We then pair that with years of manufacturing experience to produce the beautiful quality furniture that will keep your bedroom looking great for years.

Deluxe Roller Glide Drawer Construction

In an age of sub-standard quality, Lang Furniture continues to use high quality raw materials including deluxe roller glides on our drawers. Unlike other manufacturers who use wood-on-wood glides, or no drawer slides at all, our deluxe roller glides insure quality drawers that will offer continuous support and durability for years to come. We put our name on it!

2 Year Limited Warranty

Lang Furniture Inc. stands by its products with a 2 year limited warranty. If a drawer fails to remain in operational condition due to a manufacturer’s defect, Lang Furniture will send a new drawer directly to your home within ten business days.

If you are searching for great quality bedroom furniture be sure to try Lang Furniture. Our products offer the best in quality and affordability, and are perfect to use as a promotion bedroom furniture line.