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 Shaker - Rodeo Oak

Part SKU Description W x D x H Photos
Headboards SHA-20-3/3 Panel Hdbd - Twin 40 x2 x45
Headboards SHA-20-3/3BC8 Bookcase Hdbd - Twin 42 x8 x39
Headboards SHA-20-4/6 Panel Hdbd - Full 55 x2 x45
Beds SHA-20-4/6-4-F 4-Drawer Panel Captains Bed - Full 57 x92 x49
Headboards SHA-20-4/6BC8 Bookcase Hdbd - Full 57 x8 x39
Headboards SHA-20-4/6BC12 Bookcase Hdbd - Full - w/Light 57 x12 x47
Headboards SHA-20-5/0 Panel Hdbd - Full/Queen 61 x2 x45
Beds SHA-20-5/0-4-Q 4-Drawer Panel Captains Bed - Queen 63 x97 x49
Headboards SHA-20-5/0BC12 Bookcase Hdbd - Full/Queen - w/Light 63 x12 x47
Headboards SHA-20-6/6 Panel Hdbd - King 79 x2 x45
Beds SHA-20-6/6-4-k 4-Drawer Panel Captains Bed - King 82 x97 x49
Headboards SHA-20-6/6BC12 Bookcase Hdbd - King - w/Light 82 x12 x47
Nightstands SHA-20-220 2-Drawer Nightstand 20 x16 x23
Nightstands SHA-20-324 3-Drawer Nightstand 25 x16 x32
Desks SHA-20-345 Desk w 3 Drawers 45 x20 x30
Chests SHA-20-430 4-Drawer Chest 30 x16 x41
Chests SHA-20-430DEEP 4-Deep-Drawer Chest 30 x16 x49
Chests SHA-20-520 Lingerie Chest w 5 Drawers 20 x16 x47
Chests SHA-20-530 5-Drawer Chest 30 x16 x49
Dressers SHA-20-649 6-Drawer Dresser 49 x16 x32
Dressers SHA-20-657 6-Drawer Dresser 57 x16 x32
Dressers SHA-20-748 7-Drawer Dresser 48 x16 x40
Mirrors SHA-20-3843 Mirror 38 x2 x43
Beds SHA-20-21882-F Bookcase 4-Drawer Captains Bed - Full 57x92x49
Beds SHA-20-21882-K Bookcase 4-Drawer Captains Bed - King 82x97x49
Beds SHA-20-21882-Q Bookcase 4-Drawer Captains Bed - Queen 63-97-49
Beds SHA-20-24077 2-Drawer Mates Bed Base (add a hdbd) 40 x77 x12
Desks SHA-20-HT4531 Hutch for Desk 345 45 x10 x31
Collection: Shaker
Category: Bedroom
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