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Part SKU Description W x D x H Photos
Beds HUD-55-12-HFR-K K Shadow Bed 85 x90 x48
Beds HUD-55-12-HFR-Q Q Shadow Bed 69 x90 x48
Nightstands HUD-55-229 2-Drawer Nightstand 29 x18 x28
Chests HUD-55-538 5-Drawer Chest 38 x18 x54
Dressers HUD-55-668 6-Drawer Dresser 68 x18 x35
Headboards HUD-55-HB12-K Shadow Hdbd - King - w/LED's 85 x7 x48
Headboards HUD-55-HB12-Q Shadow Hdbd - Full/Queen - w/LED's 69 x7 x48
Mirrors HUD-55-MR4538 Mirror 45 x3 x38
Collection: Hudson
Category: Bedroom
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